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Just a quick update on the present troubles in Thailand, where i am right now. Certain protesters led by a group called the People's Alliance for Democracy (the PAD) are currently disrupting certain essential parts of Bangkok life such as the airport and traffic in the city as these are high profile and get lots of publicity. The airport was shut last night due to protesters breaking through a police cordone and were roaming around the terminals. The traffic flow (always bad) in Bangkok has been worse than normal as taxis etc skirt round the blocked areas where the protesters have gathered. But life goes on much as normal otherwise.

The PAD want to scrap Thailand's one person-one vote democratic system in favour of appointed professionals. Sounds good to me, as practically all the democratic systems of the world aren't democratic at all - just look at how politicians get selected to run for office. The USA and the UK are great examples of democratic systems in need of overhaul.

Check out this article on the current situation in Bangkok:
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