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Default Re: Who is winning here?

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post

A lot of new members seem to have suddenly sprung up in the last couple of days, and all they seem to want to talk about is "disonance and in-fighting"

I noticed last night a couple passed quickly. Shame for them. I even posted on one of their threads!

A shame you did not think to join the party a bit sooner perfectresonance, say two weeks ago.. but now that your here, be welcome. Enjoy the forum for what it is... a collection of individuals.

You can post what you like today, as any other day. So I'm curious, what has changed? In you ? Are you any different to three days ago ? Before the announcements. So do you think anyone else has changed? I think change of the self is our only option available to us. It's the one thing we have some control over. Yet it's the hardest thing in the world to do. Nice paradox there.

welcome aboard.. I hope you find your true voice.

it may be that some of the new memebers that you are seeing are people like me who have been members for a while but choose not to get involved.
however they have seen this situation brewing and felt the need to comment.

i know thats the case for me i usualy prefer to read and not comment becouse at the end of the day my opinion is my own and most people just are not inteterested.
however on the few occacions i feel the need to post i feel i have the right as a longish standing member,

just becouse i have low post count does not mean i am and agent of tptb (not that you impied such) or any more thing more sinister than a an interested party.
conflict will out the agony aunt in the best of most people mean well i belive.

one thing this has pointed out is that the human race thrives on conflict.
i would be interested to see if the amount of daily hits to the forum has increased over the last couple of days.

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