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Default Re: Who is winning here?

Originally Posted by perfectresonance View Post
But a while ago, things started to shows strains and cracks have become fissures, finally resulting in total breakages.
Hi perfectresonance (love your username BTW),

I think that is how it appeared at first, but not the reality of the situation now. You know that saying; what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I think this is the case with Bill, I see him as an even stronger person today, Kerry will be going a separate path, it may be good or could be bad but this is the decision of two partners (on a professional level) who want to go in their own paths now. That is how it appears to me and I think many of us here have given the dissidence an extra coat of drama.
So who is winning here?

Who Benefits?
Personally, I don't think it's in anyone's interest to attempt completely 'destroying' Camelot. Considering their popularity and their global reach, I would imagine (just an opinion) that some intelligence and counter intelligence departments might see the Camelot/Avalon organizations as a potential tool for their own agendas, if that is the plan then they would have to find ways to infiltrate the organization even if only partially and very slowly as not to arouse a sudden change and make it obvious, then as more time passes (perhaps years) they find ways of establishing indefinite control over the organization. This is just my imagination here mind you, I would hope that no one is actually planning such a thing but the state of affairs (as I see it) have been at least slightly indicative of that.
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