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Default Re: Who is winning here?

In a war there are no winners, everybody loses

We are changing timeliness and that brings discomfort, additionally tptb are pulling all the stops and we are being brain controlled by things like "haarp"

tptb needs people to be unhappy, fearfull, angry etc to generate the "right" kind of vibrations for their plans

We need, more than ever, to raise our vibration to be able to have a better outcome rather than the catastrophic lethal disasters tptb has in store for us

There is no point in trying to force anyone to see a point in this moment, the ultra low frequencies are flooding the planet, March is going to be quite tough

Cliff mentioned irrational behaviour in his last report, maybe not with the same words

The way it works is simple, ultra low frequencies are boradcasted, they are received by the vagus nerve, it makes people irritable, sleepless, angry, fearfull etc. Google vagus nerve haarp

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