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Post Re: New Book: Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulstion: Tesla, UFOs, ect

There is an interesting anti-gravity device call the Hamel and its made by magnets. The basic Explanation of the principle:


" A tornado-like rushing of air moved up through the ship to produce a tremedous friction. The cone withing cone wobbled at high speed and were kept continously off-balance. As the cones wobbled and the air rushed between them, lighting-like flashes appeared between them. Hamel was shown the outside rim of the ship, where numerous opening served to allow the in and out motion of the air as it rushed between the wobbling cones. These air opening controlled not only the amount of air but the direction of flow. As the air was moved at high velocities through the gap between woobling cones, it became ionized to produce a stream of charged particles.

The cones not only produced energy but also provided propulsion. This was accomplished by a small weighted ball, rolling in circular path in a restricted space. The circular movement of this ball ( remember you the Hamel spinning top experiment (see my video )) appeared to have a falling motion, always seeking equilibrium.

More info:
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