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Default Re: New Book: Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulstion: Tesla, UFOs, ect

Here's some info on Thomas Townsend Brown....

Editors Note:
  • I have no doubts about the validity of Thomas Townsend Brown and is incredible claims of an "anti-gravitic" discovery. I have reproduced his devices in my lab. This is NOT FICTION! I will continue my efforts to provide verifiable information based on my reproducible experiments and research. These experiments are solely financed by myself and truthfully reported to the public.
    I wish to extend my greatest thanks to Andrew Bolland & Family for the ongoing support & friendship. In addition, I give my gratitude & appreciation for others that asked not to be mentioned, (you know who you are).

    I have made many improvements to Dr. Brown's devices and have discovered other new wonderful concepts and effects based on his initial research. This article is to acknowledge Thomas Townsend Brown and give him the proper recognition he truly deserves. In addition, I wish to enlighten the reader of this information with the following facts.
    • - Mark Bean
Gravity Discs:
  • Thomas Townsend Brown has been flying strange metal saucer-like discs of his own secret design and make for more than 40 years. Some big ones too, up to 30 inches in diameter. Unfortunately, Dr. Brown passed away in 1987.
    Mostly, Brown has flown his discs in good old common air. The discs are tethered to a mast or pole and the thin, double-saucer-like things fly a circle around and around the mast in free flight. Only a slight hum is audible as they fly. In the dark they glow with an eerie lavender light, revealing their motive power which is a kind of electricity.

    Many scientists and engineers have watched these discs fly. Under their breath, and sometimes out loud, most of them have said the force which makes Brown's discoids spin is one which every high- school physics student knows about - "Electric Wind" - and not a new principle Brown has discovered at all!
    One engineer once said, "The whole thing is so screwball I don't want to even talk about it!" Another said, "The device is only about one-tenth of one percent efficient." Both these statements have since been proved incorrect! Most other engineers object to the lack of mathematical substantiation presented by Brown. To engineers and scientists one equation is worth a thousand words! But even an equation is of little use unless it has values assigned to at least some of its main parts. When these were not forthcoming, from a technical point of view, it appeared Brown was walking on straw legs.
    Then recently Brown went to France. Under what was virtually a French Government sponsored program of research, Air-France successfully flew some of the Brown discs in a HIGH VACUUM! And that took all the "electric wind" out of the previously dissenting sails These tests were of a highly secret nature and, because of this, and, because they were made in a foreign nation, their results REMAIN CLASSIFIED.

    There is a present day rumor that the B-2 Stealth Bomber is in fact using a electrogravitic propulsion system in addition to the primary twin General Electric low profile engines. Once up in the air, and when a certain speed is reached, the Electrogravitic power system is engaged and the main GE engines are eased back. The leading edge of the mono-winged craft is treated with depleted uranium, (a super high dielectric material), and positively charged. The exhaust is negatively charged providing the "Biefeld-Brown Effect", thus causing an electromotive force moving the craft forward in the direction of the positively charge wing. This has proven to be a very efficient propulsion system compared to the amount of energy it takes to initialize and maintain the effect.
      • - Mark Bean

    and here's two other sites that show some of his notes......
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