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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

I rather enjoy David's message.. though I have a growing dislike for his self promotion.. and it's not just a little.. seems he somehow feels he needs constant reassurance that he is the best at this conference or that conference... "I'll be talking head to head with Nassim Haramein and we won't be stopping to explain"... yada yada.. David has a nice message but he is far from haramein in his physics capacity... he needs to be humbled IMO... his attempt at singing should have done it.. but nope .. LOL good grief! he compared himself to the voice of Micheal jackson for crying out load...

talk about drowning in own ego.. he wasn't like this at all in the beginning ... throw some people a little fame and it takes them over.. I guess we all have great lessons to learn no matter who you 'think' you are..

all things aside though.. I do enjoy his positive message.

528 hz to all
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