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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?


I think your definition of a false prophet is a little bit off base. A false prophet is someone who claims to be a prophet, but isn't.
As long as they got the 'message' from the divine that is what makes them a prophet. If they're making up a theory, based on what is happening in the real world, they are just making a theory, however, when they claim to be a prophet and thier messages are only theories, then they are false prophets.

David Wilcock is very informed about crop circles, however, when it comes to other aspects of the cosmos and its' pertences, he will say things like, "According to such and such...." or "Such and such said..."

As it somewhere said in the Bible, "Beware of false prophets!".

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Originally Posted by DOMINIC 777 View Post
A FALSE PROPHET IS A PERSON WHO PREDICTS THE FUTURE WRONGLY...Ido not believe he is the reincarnation of edgar cayce and has any more abilities than the rest of us........the way to discern if it is reality from the imagination is.........IF IT IS POSITIVE DATA and good for Mankind...then it could be a reality......there are one or 2 whistleblowers who predicted wrong dates.......aswell..11/27 is an example of falsehod...did not happen.

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