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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

There are no prophets here now ! we are all SPECulators.
Davids work is just part of the jigsaw puzle!
There is alot happening behind the scenes.( stuff he doesnt even know... stuff none of us know.)
We are all part of the Multiverse .

David and all the those who stick their necks out , have bits of valid and non valid info stuff to occupy our selves in the waiting game most of us are playing,in this conciousness/matrix...

Alot of problem solving happens in this situation we are in also ;-). we are on the cusp of being down loaded the next level, no illusions no parasites.

I HAVE THE HIGHEST RESPECT for every one of the reaserchers/whisleblowers/seekers , weather real info or dis info ..all of it . the flexing of the intuitive/discernment/reality muscle that
inevitably expands the thinking and dreaming/reality in the situation we are in now, all helps ...

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