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Default Re: Do you think David Wilcox is a false prophet?

Originally Posted by ascendedmaster View Post
...He says he could be the reincarnation of edgar cayce, then he says he was told that he would be a spiritual leader in the future, he also said he has psychic powers and can do readings for people...
I wouldn't say "false prophet" because he has some very interesting information and "understanding" to share.

But... His emphasis on being Edgar Cayce shows a need for credibility. The fact he his not a first hand contactee seems to bother him subtly. It might also explain why he often mentions his talents and ability publicly without being asked to do so. Glorifying himself in public hides the needs for public acknowledge. He has great qualities, but his lack of self-confidence makes him to promote himself by himself, and this behavior does not lie.

Namaste, Steven
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