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Default Do you think David Wilcock is a false prophet?

He seems like hes laying the groundwork for that. He says he could be the reincarnation of edgar cayce, then he says he was told that he would be a spiritual leader in the future, he also said he has psychic powers and can do readings for people. I mean he did say that he wrote science fiction stories when he was younger, how do we know that half the stuff he says that is coming from insides is just not what his imagination is cooking up. It really sounds that way sometimes with some of the stuff that he comes up with. Its like he said that bill ryan leaked the 11/27 disclosure date but that wasnt even true he told bill ryan to bring it up, its like he didnt even take responcibility for that. He says that disclosure is coming by april but really there is no indication of this i dont see it happening. He says that the ascension will take place in 2012, i really hope it does becuase if it doesnt he is going to have a lot of explaining to do to his followers.

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