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Default Re: Free Energy Devices not good for Environment

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
What I heard him say in this latest round of interviews was that the Extraterresrials are not doing this. This is being done by earth based military and by life forms made on earth.
OK... but Karen this is an excerpt from the front page 'Camelot:'

"...In this intriguing clip (taken from the video, which we don't yet have permission to release) Dr Peterson, choosing his words with considerable care, affirms that we did not reach the moon without "help"; that ET visitors are both friendly and otherwise; that cattle mutilations are real, and are hostile acts; and that some abductee implant technology is definitely "not from anyone I know of here on this planet". ..."

And as Kerry further stated... "Someone is right and someone is wrong."

"Pulling Teeth" may take quite a unique and unorthodox interview style!
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