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Default Re: Free Energy Devices not good for Environment

There is a long explanation by Dex on this forum ...
Here are a couple of paragraphs:

"**Here's an example of how scalar tech can be dangerous. James Gilliland's video, Keys to Utopia, about his ranch has a segment showing an overunity energy researcher demonstrating his device. It's a simple machine with counter-rotating fly wheels of a sort, and it puts out more energy than it takes in. That's called "overunity." But when the man used a larger version, there was a strong pull on the machine. It began to lift up off of the table, so he tried to grab it but it broke his arm shooting upward, smashed through the ceiling and roof, and, the last he saw of it it was heading straight for the sun at about 7000 miles per hour.

"Why the sun? Because the "gravitic" pull by the machine went directly to the sun. A larger system of the sort would pull hot gases of the sun toward us. Imagine what a planetary scale use of such energy that uses the iron core of the Earth as a "capacitor" (stores electrical charge) could do---it could literally pull solar flares our way while simultaneously ripping the inner structure of the Earth apocalyptically. Even a simple, common sense machine of the sort in Gilliland's video has real, very serious dangers. In other words, men like Steven Greer and a number of others who tell you that such energy is "free" are severely mistaken. There are real dangers. The universe doesn't allow for infinite, unrestrained "pull" of energy from empty space without real risks to a planet. For that reason, aliens talk about the need to be aware of the larger, universal ecology."
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