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Default Re: Free Energy Devices not good for Environment

ypestis... interesting way to introduce an important topic!

First off the 'Keylonic Science' that you speak of, well, can I ask why do you think this is even correct information to begin with?

And secondly, using the term loosely- 'Free Energy' is going to be very confusing! Why? All living organisms are 'Free Energy' devices... "Animations of Divinity."

You/we/all are a 'Free Energy' device that has been lowered into a state that now requires outside mediums for maintainability. Grasping the growth of kingdoms out of kingdoms opens the mental doors of discernment in order to weigh out the deceptions. Tomorrow there will be another science that goes on another tangent and then the day after tomorrow there will be another science that goes off on yet another tangent... and so on! There will be infinite number of tangents that someone can bring to this forum and find many debaters with the opposite opinion and supply facts to back themselves up with. However, my question to you is what kind of 'Free Energy' device are you specifically speaking of?

The entire planet is full of biological 'Free Energy' devices and creating, developing, and implementing new devices (which may turn out to be not so new at all) that are in harmony and balance with the Earth and Solar System, could in fact stabilize the current entropy being experienced by all mankind.

There are many examples in nature that provide clues of how material substances mutate and transmutate into a higher state of being naturally. The Sun's RAdiance interacts with the magnetic polarities within cycles throughout time to create life within... that is 'Free Energy' and is most certainly a welcomed gift.

Your current state of Self-Awareness is a result of much time investment and as many examples of art as life and life as art as Divine Intelligence could come up with in order for as many of us that are able (and willing) too draw conclusions of ourselves and know what creation feels like...

'Free Energy' is the very process of 'Divine Intelligence' pouring itself into dimensions of life to experience it!

And I would not disagree with you that there probably are many forms of detrimental 'Free Energy' devices and processes... determining how to decipher what is detrimental and which is conducive to us and Earth may be a matter of great discussion. But anything that disturbs the evolving progression of Earth and our energy transformation I would not consider even close to being referred to as 'Free Energy,' ie; Microwaves exist on there own but building a public and government communications system that increases them was never a good idea!
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