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Default Gurdjieff, Agents, and Elephants.

This is an anecdote told before about Gurdjieff and his circle of students.
In a smallish group of students there is always somebody who does not fit in, seems to rub people up the wrong way or just plain old challenges the status quo. Many members of the group secretly and even vocally complained about just one such guy, he irritated the cr@p out of just about everyone in the group. During one session the guy decided he'd finally had enough and left. Everyone was happy and thought the chief would be pleased, in fact he was horrified and spent a considerable amount of time and effort to track the guy down and GET HIM BACK. He returned and berated the group exclaiming this guy was irreplaceable and if they did not have him he would have to pay someone to fulfill his function ( some even say he DID pay the guy).

So was this guy an "agent", simply the repressed shadow of the group, or did he perhaps simply serve the function of reminding people of the nature of duality?

The shadow here is indeed the elephant in the room, and one people are not at all comfortable with, in fact so many here even deny they HAVE one. And a lot of collective energy on this forum has gone into trying to love it into submission, with disastrous results.

Some speak of this place having become like a playground. I can only speak for myself and say jeeze I never got to spend nearly enough time in the playground so whats not to like? It's all in the manner of how we play, and believe me, play is just about the highest activity a human can do, its like LOVE, it comes only from the heart and its totally pointless.

Others say OH STOP IT!!! Not wanting people to engage, trying to shut people up saying " stop with the negative threads", well helloooo don't click, don't look and DONT CONTROL. End of problem. After all , it is just people communicating, with passion and that sometimes gets a little rough.
Where does the scary energy come from? REPRESSION .
People wanting other people to NOT engage is repression of the worst order and the result is a kink in the hose that will BLOW, and indeed it has.

Uncomfortable communication is sometimes the most valuable, social niceties sometimes have a blanding effect and rub the corners off what might be a good debate and opportunity to experience a mentality unlike your own.

Some people called these threads with percieved negative expression a distraction. Actually I was focused, fascinated even, recently throughout in a way I never felt here before . Mostly because I sensed something needing to be brought to the light.
The Thuban thing indeed kicked something off, but I never read it. What I did read was the energy change and that really shockingly went overdrive into C O N T R O L.
There seems to have been a missed opportunity to examine what happened and more imoportantly WHY by CERTAIN ADMIN trying to suppress an HONEST answer, so a BIG monster was created. Why deny it? Why didn't people want to let it run its course? Did it have too much power ? Who's egos at the top got hurt?

Interesting Celine post's a button to push, without telling why. Yes, buttons were pushed, big time. Course that could not happen if people were either naked ( and buttonless) or had had the sense to realize that was in fact, the gift, an opportunity for accelerated learning . Your best teachers are often the ones you would prefer to resist, but it will keep coming back and many already know this to their cost.

and that's basically the benefit of forums in a nutshell ( if you ask me forums ARE a nutshell).

So whats just so wrong with that? It's only people talking, taking a risk and exposing our differences. No need to control... or is there ,and that's the question burning in my mind right now....

I'd like to thank all the people I learned from here, it was invaluable, and some of it I even liked: wink2:
but its over, and that's good because it's shiva time baby , just as it should be.

I'd also like to thank Boober once more for helping me to clarify just what what was really bothering me so much that I had to keep at it . I'd like to nominate Boober the Spiritual father of Project Avaloony. Boober of the lone canoe society .
so, for once I will say Namaste and really mean it.

suckers................................. just kidding

and a little soundtrack ;

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