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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
Dear M1:
After reading all those stories I'm amazed about how much some people have endured, I have never had experiences like that,just a few "minor" incidents which I think are not worth to talk about.
Anyway, a few days ago I was reading the last Mrs. Dolores Cannon interview in Coast to Coast; she is a very experienced regresionist who has been working on the subject of ET for many years and has written several books, one of them, "Keepers of the Garden" relates the story of a young guy who definitely felt he didn't fit here and after regresion sessions he started to discover why he was here.
Mrs. Cannon says she developed a technique which allows her to go directly to the supraconcious mind or collective mind where the concious mind can't interfiere, this contact -which she can access in every person she hypnotizes- allows her to ask about everything, ever aspect of life and she can get the most honest answers because in this very deep level exist all the knowledge and it can't lie.
In her last interview she talks about three different "waves" of people that have come to earth to help the planet to raise its vibration just by them being here, she explains that these people or their souls have not had lives in earth before so for some of them is very hard to adjust to this harsh environment, they're regular human beings as the rest of us but they are on a mission to help the planet. I don't want to make this too long but somehow I feel that you, Jross friends and others that have replied to this thread are this kind of souls, perhaps you'll find it relates to you, her work is amazing and very extensive in regards all these subjects, her books "The Convoluted Universe" are incredible and the 4th one is going to be out pretty soon, in this one she'll be talking about these souls who are here to help humanity.
This is the link for her interview, when I listened to it I thought what a "coincidence" as I think you could be one of those gentle souls.

YouTube - Coast to Coast AM - 22 Oct 2009 - 'Volunteer' Souls & Lost Knowledge part 1/11

God bless you.
In all honesty and sincerely, cloud9, I feel that I am just a regular guy - just like everyone else on this planet, doing what I can to understand who I am and who we are, and where we're all going and how to get there. I believe that we're all children of God and that we must look to him for answers. So that's what I do, through prayer, a lot of thought, researching the world - and of course reading the Bible.

I don't personally believe that any one of us have chosen to come here, or are from anywhere else in particular. If that's the case, I would suspect that we're ALL from somewhere else - or none at all. In one respect, I would agree with others to say we're all "one" -- to a point. We're all brothers and sisters on this earth. We're all meant to help and encourage each other, and even give each other a kick in the backside if it's necessary.

I do not subscribe to the new age philosophies that we can create realities. Not in the respect that it is often promoted: that we can just "think stuff up" by being positive and visualizing. We were put in a "physical reality" for a good reason. That's what I believe. If we want change, we need to live the change and use our physical bodies as a tool to create that change. We must use our "lips" to encourage others. We must use our "hands" to bandage the injured. We must use our intellect to solve our problems.

Having said all that, I really know next to nothing. I have diligently researched and studied all my life. I have experienced many things. But I don't know the answers to some very basic questions which still have me stumped. Where was I before I was born? Did I exist? Where am I going? WHO am I?

Many people get over excited and declare that they were a knights templar back in the day, or that they've lived 30 times before, or are from other planets and all kinds of things. At the risk of offending those people, I really must be honest -- I think they're just trippin' for the most part. Maybe there is validity to what they're saying - in one form or another, but for the most part, I sincerely believe that we're simply all children of God and we're here to learn and grow and help each other along the way.

For anyone to declare or say anything more, I believe, is jumping the gun and not overly constructive. I think a lot of people get over excited about things. I have an open mind, and I do take everything into account, but I do put in a GREAT effort to remain as grounded as possible. I think that's what most people should do.

But, of course, that's just me. Someone else might say that I'm the one that's lost the plot. And that's ok -- but the main thing is that we love and respect each other, and treat each other as more than ourselves. We should try not to let our ego rule us.

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