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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

I love how it seems like we're all spread out over Korea. It's like there are four of us here, each at the four different corners of the country.

But I like your idea Indigo. I think a Buddhist temple in a small village in the mountains would be the ideal place. The counter teachers at my Hagwon are really helpful, so I'll ask some of them about some sites that are in the interior of the country.

Also, I looked for the town your were talking about on Google Maps (lame Google Earth stopped working for my version of OS X), and I couldn't find it. I looked for the Kangwon-do province, but it told me that it was in North Korea, and I'm just going to go ahead and say that's probably not where we want to go =P

Anyway, I'll do some more research and get back to ya'll. I'm not too sure how we'd get there, so that'll be something I'll have to ask the other teachers at the school.
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