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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

I haven't read all of these posts because... Life's too short

A couple of weeks before I found Camelot I was searching for something... then I found Camelot WOW I absorbed all the interviews gather what I could then... I started researching stuff like opening my 3rd eye and detoxing and then WOW Avalon was launched and there was SUCH a vibe there were a lot of early posters who seemed to have all the information I was seeking... WOW and then BAMM... I felt like I was kicked in the nuts when the forum was down and all these news rules were implemented and the threads locked and the split into two... The forum has recovered just and the swelling in my metaphorical jewels is going down.

I still miss thefirst few weeks of avalon 1.

I'm still gathering info I just feel it is less than it was.... my 0.02.
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