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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

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We got three thousand people or so, right? There's your soil...many seeds have been planted and are thriving. Some are weeds...but which ones? Your weeds might be my medicinal herbs. My weeds could be your wildflowers.

I say leave it alone and consider this your place to search for the wild asparagus. Plant your own seeds...leave your truth out there. Take what you find useful. No need to argue or protest that someone else left a weed you can't use. Leave it. Someone else might find it and like it.

Beautiful analogy! I came on board as a mod with the intent of gardening. Some weeds are nutritious, however, too many weeds will choke the flowers. Gardens need tending. Gardening can be zen and an art form. Gardens are nurtured with love.

Peace~ Kat