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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

I'm glad this question was asked - not because I see a need for change but because it shows someone somewhere is paying attention. Bill and Kerry are just legendary, characters like Moses that supposedly actually live somewhere but are not seen by the common folk. I see evidence of the moderators' presence now and then when threads get moved around, but otherwise what we have here is the Wild Wild West.

Which is ok with me. There are plenty of threads I have little or no interest in, but that's no reason for me to object to them. I try to remain focused on my own core issue: remaining positive through the shift and trying to teach what I've learned (and to keep on learning). I find many more opportunities for this in daily life than I do here.

To the extent that folks come here to spread and check out rumors about spacemen and disasters, the forum is basically useless...but that's going to be the case with any community like this. Online forums tend to collect people who can't think of anything better to do than sit on their butts and live vicariously. So what? What are ya gonna do - kick 'em out? The forums still work just fine for those of us who are serious. And the dummies might wake up and learn something, it could happen.

We got three thousand people or so, right? There's your soil...many seeds have been planted and are thriving. Some are weeds...but which ones? Your weeds might be my medicinal herbs. My weeds could be your wildflowers.

I say leave it alone and consider this your place to search for the wild asparagus. Plant your own seeds...leave your truth out there. Take what you find useful. No need to argue or protest that someone else left a weed you can't use. Leave it. Someone else might find it and like it.

Now, about disinformation....the forums are full of it. Rather than attempting to eliminate it (which is impossible), I suggest that this is a sterling opportunity for practicing discernment, and detachment. This is an example of how it's better to be FOR something than AGAINST things. We're all against things, and most of us have wasted a lot of time "kicking against the goads." Being positive is never a waste of time, and in the end will accomplish the desired goal not by flogging the negatives but by illuminating the shadows.

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