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Default Re: Something is bothering me - Very Important

The threat of nuclear attack has been with us ever since I was in grammar school back in the 50s diving under the desk for the bomb drills. Also, ever since the 40's and the military Philadelphia experiment, time travel has also been explored by the shadow government and a variety of timelines have been altered - including the nuclear option. Why? Because with the combination of the atom bomb and the rip it created in time and space, ET decided it was time to intervene and has been very active at multiple levels monitoring or interacting with the human race. They will not tolerate a nuclear strike because they see the planet as too valuable a resource and have been know to scramble the codes of various nuclear site computers.

The nuclear threat is a card that is often played by governments to manipulate the populace but a nuclear strike is not going to happen. The same with the whole astroid/comets that miss earth. The ETs also deflect those for similar reasons. For the most part there is non-interference. However, there are some alien groups that are out to exploit humans and the resources of the planet.

According to Roberto Pinotti, General Secretary of the Italian CUN and long time contactee, "Ummites, Bahavians, Elta V and UTI, the ones physcially similar to us, now dwelling on our planet had been worming their way into our society (since the mid fifties), infiltrating themselves into undercover roles in Italy, both in the industry and in areas of similar relevance. Their organization is said to have been active in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Argentina, and the former Soviet Union.

Had some alien had the need to "go home" after a while, a deadly accident would be staged (for instance an aircraft crashing into the ground), and in this way he would have been able to get offstage. Others, assigned to settle for a long time within our environment, had even gotten married to Earth people, creating new children and families. This is possible because they are totally compatible, from a biological point of view, with ourselves.

Among the alien peoples visiting out Earth there seem to be aseptic nature lovers who would look after the evolution of living beings upon our planet, while restricting themselves only to monitoring. Then there are the "merchants," looking only for the easy ways to get raw materials, ethnologists studying the evolution of different cultures on this planet, missionaries caring for the future from an ethical point of view, military oriented (alien) people overseeing national structures, aiming to maintain inter-stellar routes, and to protect us from assaults from outside, and many more....

It's easy to acknowledge that our off-world visitors wish to protect their own safety. Therefore they often make use of "biological robots," which are human clones, built and used as workers, expendable to be lost, if necessary, to spare their own creators from harm. Even more, such androids should have been the automatic pilots, with a physical build representing at the very least, or, on the contrary, accurate copies of Earth people, imitated for various purposes. It is important to recognize in this viewpoint what one Col. Philip Corso has stated about Greys being subservient to "Nordic" aliens.

In order to monitor our environment, the aliens were making use of miniaturized probes (orbs) to recored images, sounds, even the thoughts of the people being observed."
Mass Contacts by Stefano Breccia bits taken from pages 11-13

The reality is that earth has its own off-world population looking out for it and some of these other issues ~ are really non-issues ~ when viewing them from a different, broader perspective.

The aliens have already made themselves known to various humans for years and continue to do so on a regular basis. They have engaged in mass contact on multiple levels for decades.

The next issue has to do with the solar event and mega gamma rays from the galactic center. I've had a number of different contactees share different stories. Some will be taken underground, some to the future and who knows where else. The issue is this. We don't know when or how, just that this will happen. Also keep in mind that Camelot whistle blowers said the Mars base is located in the future so I suspect other humans will be transported off planet into another time and possibly onto another timeline. These other beings appear to have more insight into the what and when, then the human contactees. The reality is that there are just some things we cannot prepare for other then to keep an open mind and be ready when the time comes to step forward, or not, depending upon one's own inner spiritual promptings.

It really isn't worth the energy to worry about a possible nuclear attack. I just don't see that happening, ever. Mega solar event.. very likely. So the best one can to is to come into alignment with their own inner spiritual core. The next step may be a long step down or just a short transition. Attempting to second guess it is futile. That is why it is wise to focus on self-sufficiency and learn how to produce one's own food from seeds. Be here now in the world you live in and learn how to really care for yourself and loved ones from the ground up.
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