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Something very special happened yesterday..

A woman came into my shop..we talked about a beautiful flower arrangement she wanted to make for her elderly aunt...

she tells me, she has been traveling a in conversation i ask her...

Do you travel for business or pleasure?

she said..

business.. i am an energy healer...

Ok..that kinda took my breath away..

We started talking about Avalon, she was very interested in the community and i extended an invitation..

She then told me that i had a very old soul and that i dont hid is all there for all to see...

she said my aura was strong and energetic..but i had "fissures" and to be careful of my health...

we exchanged names..and she left...

Her name is Carol Boren...

i do hope she stops by and becomes part of our group..

here is a link about her..

thats is her int he middle wearing the blue head scarf..

i find myself in a state of balance when i think of her walking in yesterday...
Thank you universe
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