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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Hello dear Truth, thank you for your kindness, you are a rainbow who does not need rain to shine its colors!

The Presence within

First of all, I make this sharing for only one reason, it is very rare that we find this kind of information because even if many does have this kind of experience, it is still very personal and even hard to describe. But I do it for those interested in trying to make contact with your Spirit. It is only a small part of the whole, but I want to share it...

I was quite young the first time I noticed it was into me. Since then, I am simply refining my relation...

Some call it Higher self, Spirit, Knowledge, etc... There is many name, but the presence is the same. Personally, I call it my spirit, my beloved, my mentor.

When I dialogue with it, I do not hear a voice. But rather feel a presence, I feel a thought, I like to use this expression "Direct Cognition". I say feel because it does not come from my mind, but from my heart. I really make a sharp distinction between the thought of my mind, the voice of my ego, and the symbolism/thought form the presence within uses with me. Because the sources are not located at the same place.

My Ego will talk, I can almost hear it, it is in my head.

My Spirit will send me a mixture of thought/feeling coming from my heart, or better put, the center of my being. Half way between the feeling's source and the thought's source. It is subtle, soft and peaceful.

The effect of talking with my Spirit calms me down. Not only my body, but my mind becomes very peaceful. It uses my own personal symbolism to communicate, not all the time, but often.

Sometimes, I feel the presence is multiple. Like if it was a group of beings, not often, but sometimes. When it happens, the message is very special for me at that moment.

Most of the times, I am the one who sends the call. Usually, the answer is not long after. It all depends on me and my own predisposition. Of course, being alone and quiet helps, but it is not necessary to get in contact with my Spirit. I can even contact it while I'm talking to someone else, for a blessing for example.

What amazes me is the relevancy of the answers. The wisdom is so deep it always surprises me. It can not comes from me, I tell myself. Well, not my Ego for sure.

Sometimes the presence is only there, not talking, not communicating, just there. I feel its presence and it roots me into the moment. Sometimes it is there in a form of a knowledge, or better put, a certitude. Something I know it will happen, something I feel like I always knew. Then after several years, it is there, right under my eyes. When it happens, I know it was from my Spirit and I can trust it.

It never, ever, deceived me. It has always been right on anything. Even the things I had hard time to accept were proven true after a while. Even the things that my Spirit told me and I was not able to receive or accept kept returning to me, until I simply surrender and accepted it. Then the result was always amazingly good. I was laughing at myself how stubborn I was to prevent myself from being free. Unconsciously, I preferred to be stuck into nonsense than being free to evolve into some new experiences.

The other thing interesting I noticed is that often, even if I ask my Spirit many questions, it does not choose to answer right away the answer I am looking for. Rather it stay quiet and soon after I come across something that will trigger an understanding. Other times the answer is clear and right away.

Many understanding about Life came by living and observing Life itself, while asking for guidance to my Spirit. Being father just made me understand so many things about Life. It was needed for my own evolution, I was there ready to jump. And this call came form my Spirit.

The presence within is always there. It is always present. We are the ones who are not always predispose to make the connection. It is there, it is Stillness...

I have read something so true today, here is how I will end this post:

"Mankind must realize that is power lies in the stillness of his center Self and not in the means by which he manifests that stillness."

Here is a precious, very precious piece of work I consider it a marvel, it is all about getting in contact with the Spirit within:

Namaste, Steven

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