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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows


When you observe the Universe we live in, you see that everything evolves, be it at large scale like the Milky Way or at small scale like DNA. The natural course of all things in existence is to evolve, to interact with its surrounding like in a dance with countless dancers at every levels.

The Existence is dynamic. When an opposed force tend to stop the evolution of one creature, an unbalance appears, a dis-ease. This is the essence of the intervention of dark forces upon Earth and Humanity. The will of the Elite, servants of this dark force, is to prevent us from evolving, not to say devolving. Reversing the natural course of Existence needs a tremendous focus. But its their plan.

Because all Creation is interlocked like wheels of an old swiss watch. They think reversing the evolution of Humanity and planet Earth by controlling their souls will generate a global effect from here to the Galaxy like a cancer would spread out. Tyranny might spread out this way all over Milky Way according to their intelligence.

That is why knowing their presence, their plan and their means is important. By knowing these information, we may intentionally refocus our consciousness toward the opposite direction. If one follows all that comes from the system (especially the mega companies) this person slow down his/her evolution and slowly becomes easily manipulated...

Evolution is the reason we are here. We are made to evolve, meaning we are made to change. It is hard to accept, because we like comfort and stability. We see change has a treat to our stability. But it is not. When change comes from within, in harmony with evolution, it does not shaken stability, quite the opposite. It rooted us firmly with Existence.

Namaste, Steven

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