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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

I am glad you appreciate the sharing. Sharing this kind of thread makes me feel happy, just like if I am answering a deep call within myself. Actually, I should say thanks to you all, readers and service providers, because I receive so much by sharing.

I wanted to elaborate a bit more on some topic. Here is how I see Victim Consciousness.

Victim Consciousness

The victim consciousness is the kind of consciousness we are transcending to enter into a personal responsibility consciousness. It is the global consciousness Humanity has shown since many years and it is changing at this moment. It is a consciousness who is driven to react on, focus on and feed on conflicts. It justifies itself by making a point, or being right among the wrongs. It glorify itself and push others down because of low self esteem. It appears as savior, but after a while we see the savior beginning to oppress. The victim calls for the oppressor and the savior. The oppressor calls for the victim and the savior, the savior calls for the oppressor and the victim. They exist because of the others. It is a relationship of victimhood. This type of consciousness cares only about itself. Others are useful as long as they fulfill their distinctive complementary role within the relationship. A savior will care about you if you are a victim, but if you are a savior too, conflict might occur. It is the same when two victims or two oppressors meet. Always remember that the same individual can switch from any role, savior-victim-oppressor, according to the situation. We can also switch from personal responsibility consciousness to victim consciousness many times in the same day. It is not static, its dynamic.

The victim consciousness is made of three major components. Victim-Oppressor-Savior. They all call each other into play because of the Universal Laws. At the base of this type of consciousness there is irresponsibility. Be it victim, savior or oppressor, everyone puts the blame on someone else, and tries not to be involved into responsibility when it is about to determine the source of the problem. We like to be seen as the source of the solution, but never the source of the problem. This is the major reason why we will not be saved by higher consciousness beings. It is a trap to ask to be saved. Religion pushes forward this mentality and it does no good at all. The prophets of any religion are not saviors, Jesus is not a savior. If you see them as savior, you ask for them to get caught into the victim consciousness trap and because of the Universal Laws, risking to get trapped into this consciousness for a period of time. Imagine for a moment if Jesus would come back in all his glory to hunt the Elite of the World and throw them into the eternal fire like it is believe by millions of humans on Earth. Imagine what happens next according to the Universal Laws... Imagine the terrible sacrifice we are asking to this being we called Jesus. It will never happen this way... Guess who told me.

When one is aware of the Universal Laws at work in Life, this person begin to care about all that emanates from him/her. Words, thoughts, feelings, attitude become totally important and do matter a lot about the future of this person and its surrounding, its collectivity. It does indeed shapes reality. So this person progressively begin to leave the old victim consciousness pattern the system indoctrinates us into and begin to realize the impact she/he has around. She/he begins to care... She/he begins to be responsible, so this person switch to a personal responsibility consciousness because of the awareness she/he has of how the Universal Laws of consciousness works. Resulting in a much better control over his/her life and future.

They way of the true prophets and messiah is the way of mentoring. They guide and lead our focus on something else. But the responsibility to get out of the situation and to change for the best is ours. Not even because of Freewill, but because of the Universal Laws. In my opinion, the more appropriate word for the Universal Laws is Law and the best word for Freewill is principle. I see some confusion about Universal Laws. Let me try to clarify this.

Law and Principle

A Universal Law cannot be ignored. It is unavoidable. It rules everything living into its boundaries. Attraction/Resonance – Intention/Focus – Allowance/Trust – Balance/Harmony are Universals because they rule the consciousness realm. I could include in this classification, the Universal Law of Evolution/Transformation.

Gender – Polarity – Rhythm – Cause and Effect – and many others Laws are not Universal, they rules different densities, but not necessarily all of them.

Freewill is a principle. This does not mean it’s less important, it is a Universal principle. It can be ignored. It does not rule. It is a principle Creation uses as a guideline. We are created free, all of us. But everyone may choose not to be free or not to respect the freedom of someone. This is paradoxal but logical. If you do respect Freewill, you are in Resonance with Creation’s will and do use its creative strength. It is how you can evolve. In fact, this is a prerequisite to evolve above a certain stage.

Love is not a Law either. You can ignore it. But it is also necessary to evolve at a certain stage. Love is not a principle either, but rather a glimpse at what Creation feels for All. Since we are Creation in a holographic representation, we do feel what it feels at our soul level. Love is of prime importance to evolve and maintain reality into existence. The fuel that makes your focus strong enough on something you want is your desire. This strong desire for it to manifest into reality is very near what Love is. Think about it. If we are born from the thought of Creation, how pure and strong the focus of Creation is to maintain all into existence. This is Love. This is the power of Love. It literally can boost an intention to become a tremendous power of creation. When you reach high level of consciousness, you join the family of lovers who keeps all existence into reality because they Love Creation. Wanting something to happen is desire, wanting this thing over time for eternity is Love... And remember, talking with Love is more important than talking about Love. Don't talk about it, live it.

I will come back soon...

Namaste my beloved brothers and sisters, Steven

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