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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

A Better Reality

"Beloved Brothers,

I come today to speak with you about the potential of your thoughts.

We all are thoughts manifesting into life forms. We are parts of the Original Thought; each one of us is a part of the All That Is, an embodiment of the Infinite.
We of the Higher Realms see each one of you as Love and Light living inside physical instruments, because that is what You have volunteered to do at this time.
You are power centers of unlimited potential, marvelous intelligences that have never been separated from the Original Source. You have been born into existence for the ulterior purpose of expansion.
The Infinite Source from which you came from wanted to experience It Self in this reality. A reality you are co-creating with your Thought-patterns.

The Original Source contains all thought-patterns that have been projected onto it since the beginning, all thought-patterns being made in the present, but not those patterns as yet unthought-of.
Your present thought-patterns have the potential of creating a magnificent reality, a precious jewel in the Infinite Creators’ heart. That is the potentiality of your thoughts.

The Logos of this Universe has given to thoughts the attribute of being affected by gravity. Thoughts of low vibration pull you down when thoughts of high vibration lift you up.
The Logos is the logic of the Whole, the logic of the Existence itself and its laws cannot be broken.

When you project a new thought onto the Infinite, the Logos answers back with the same frequency/vibration of the projected thought, and its answer become part of the collective consciousness, belongs to all. Your consciousness and my consciousness are not two, but just two aspects of the same. There is no possibility of a private thought; this has to be understood very deeply.

Your thoughts have contributed well in getting humanity to these shifting times, but now a new pattern of higher frequency is needed in order to achieve the transformation.
The same vibrations/forces that are coming down to assist Terra in her journey toward the 5th density, will help you to open the door to your Higher Self, and is from It where those new thought-patterns will come to you.

We of the Higher Realms see a unique opportunity for humanity; the Universe -like your planet- have seasons, and this is the optimum season/time for embodying your Higher Self consciousness.
Your Higher Self is your inner Gold; It is wise beyond words and is your most trustworthy ally. Direct contact with your Higher Self will unlock your potential; It power lies in the awareness It creates within you. And as consequence of this awareness your thought-patterns will raise to higher frequencies, helping the whole of humanity in its journey towards the Infinite.

It is you -within your thoughts- who hold the key to a better Reality!

I AM Emmanuel"

2009 Langa

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.
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