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Default Re: Message from the Universe~

Originally Posted by zorgon View Post
Well no... the Universe doesn't care whether there is good or evil... The Universe has no qualms about exploding a Star (and all its planets to boot)... The Universe has no problem sucking entire Galaxies down a black hole... then spitting it all out again as a gorgeous Nebula of Plasma and starting it all over again...

Welcome to the Universe


But its true EVERY THING you do is recorded

And Next Week I will reset the Matrix...

All will be good
Ahh so true! This Universe takes no bribe nor does it obey a law but what it defines, that isn't per say a law.

To be generalize human emotion in good or evil can be quite difficult and i have always pointed at the family and even the economy as a means to control ones natural input in society. We all get divided by birth rights it can be an enemy to ones eyes or a friend to yours, where do we all sit and who do we run around with.

The big governments are nothing more then shinny mobsters.
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