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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
King Lear,Blah blah blah. That's all I'm reading from you.
Any time someone uses the line "you liberals", I chuckle and think of Bill O'Reilly blowing his top whenever he disagrees with someone. [please trim long quotes]
I don't mean American liberals exclusively, I mean liberals worldwide.
They brainwash societies until they commit collective mass suicide!

And I'm certainly not an O'Reilly-ist! I totally dispise Neocons!
They ignited unjust wars in which people on both sides die for nothing.

I totally agree to your view on ORGANIZED religion and the craziness of the WBC! I just mentioned, how crazy they may be, they still have freedom of speech, that's simply holy and paramount for me!

But you also have to confess, that you and your liberal/esoteric friends like to bash Christianity foremost, and at the same time you say almost nothing about insane Jewish orthodoxy and Islam. And even Tibetan Buddhism has it's dark side: Feudalism.

The gay director Roland Emmerich cringed in front of Islam,
in his latest movie he destroyed the St. Peters cathedral but not the Kaaba in Mecca, double standard? Betcha!
And that's the point homosexuals attack and smear Christianity with relish, the society which grants them so much freedom, but the society (Islam) which executes gays every day, they don't dare to attack.

And what's really paradox, through their decandency and social engineering gay activist destroy the civilization which protects them and make place for a society which kills them.

Britain already has several Sharia courts which have the same power as regular courts. Southern France, a traditional church region, has now more mosques than churches.
And also orthodox Judaism doesn't spare homosexuality very much.

But still homosexuals, homsexual-apologists, liberals and esoterics try to destroy this society by social engineering!

And now you ask me if I don't like it "when gays kiss/hold hands in public"?
And I clearly answer you: Yes I dislike it!
As I would dislike public pedo- or necrophilia or even
heterosexual sex in the public.

We've to respect people's feelings and protect our children from such impressions!

So if some people misbehave on St. Patricks Day, i.e. have sex in public I would condemn that as much as homosexual excesses.
Not only religion is a private issue.

And in your last words you unmask your own hipocrisy:
You sense a gay pride parade as normal, but not so a white pride parade, even not an Irish pride parade.
And LA RAZA is ok. THE RACE would be evil.
Black history month is ok. White history month would be evil.
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is ok.
But the National Association for the Advancement of White People would be evil. An ADL for Jews is ok, it doesn't matter how racistic and lobby-like they are in fact. But an ADL for white people would be evil!

Hipocrisy, hipocrisy, hipocrisy...
It's so typical of you liberals!

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