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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

The more King Lear talks, the more the truth about his views come out. He possibly doesn't even realize it, but on the other hand, he probably does and is here to stoke the fires of hatred and intolerance.

If you look at most (if not all?) of the posts he made, he talks about people as if they are all compartmentalized from each other, and completely exclusive of each other. It's "the blacks" and "the mexicans" and "the minorities" and "the gays" [insult removed - A..]. It's obvious he's very stuck in polarity consciousness, so let's all have a moment of silence to pray for him, that he will wake up and see that he is perpetuating hatred in this world, by sheer ignorance of the fact that we are all God's children, each and every one of us, not ONE person excluded.

That includes King Lear. Don't hate him just because he's asleep. He needs our love more than many people on this entire site. But people, please, don't tolerate this kind of mindset. When someone opens his mouth and feces spills out of it, but he doesn't even know its feces, rather he thinks it's vanilla ice cream, so he starts swishing it around his mouth and convincing himself it's the best flavor he's ever tasted... it is up to YOU, the ones who still have your sanity about you, to help him to understand what he's doing and how he's deluded himself.

Once again, though, I don't know... some people just like the taste of feces.

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