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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

Originally Posted by GFWeye View Post
I suggest you do some digging into the Vatican (they are not who you think they are......

Inverted crosses and a whole lot more.. Religions are designed to separate us. (divide and conquer).

The word religion in English comes from the latin word religare. Which means to bind/restrain.

Nuff said.

There's nothing wrong with spirituality, everyone should have their own idea of God. Order comes from within, not without. It is this personal view which makes you special, unique to everyone else. Once people accept this and learn to rejoice in it, a truly great awakening will happen.
This "shift in human conciousness" that is so talked about is imho simply a global awakening to the knowledge that people can do without government, they can impose order themselves and make their lives happier by helping others instead of spending every spare minute they have worrying about how to "make ends meet" along with 1001 other "worries" which are a relatively recent phenomenon and artificially created through our own apathy and ignorance.
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