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Default Re: When should disclosure happen

Originally Posted by Free-UFO-Videos View Post

I've studied all types of international documentaries almost daily for 30 years.

I've studied almost all the internet information about extraterrestrials and The Disclosure Project and more.

TV UFO Disclosure is happening right now.

YouTube has Larry King Live talking about UFOs on several occasions.

FOX and CNN and other TV stations talk about UFOs and ETs these days.

We've all only really had the internet for about 14 years.
Disclosure is all over the internet.

As for the Presidents of the World all standing on the TV news everyday
saying ....... "There are billions if different types of intelligent beings in the Universe". .........

.... and ...... "Craft not of human design or manufacture are operating in and
around the land, sea and air of Earth."

I would not authorize it, or recommend it.

Even Dr Steven Greer said recently ... "Disclosure has already happened".

It would be too much too quick, on the main TV news daily.
I know many people in this city that would panic
in the sense of not going to work,
and just boozing up for weeks on end!

Also, a Disclosure of that sort would have to happen
after we clean up our act.
After we get the nice WATER CAR.
After we get the nice FREE ELECTRICITY.
After we have a bit more free time each week.
After we stop making wars and murder.
After we establish much better intelligence agencies.
(I read
After we all get more involved in ECOLOGY!

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