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Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
anyone wanna talk real world facts yet?
I'm listening. Hey MP2 I've tuned out on the tirade and didn't read much of the Thuban thread. It was getting jumpy with other members, too, kind of have seen that before. I am not up to snuff about it.

Yet, there was that cockroach, no.... Scarab... related... ? Has some weird stuff been going on behind the scenes with this , what, 'moderator' now? All I noticed about 'gaia' was when seashore asked what / why earth = gaia ... something started about it ... yeah how can someone be so stoopid not to see it MY way. I'm sick of the factions here BTW

What web stuff was going on ? A backlink enterprise, something dopey like that...? or more ...? like PQ good ol' criminal stuff... ?
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