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Default Re: San Diego County

Hi, Skillet & Sarajane!

I'd love to get together with both of ya! As for hiking, I'd hoped to lead a small group yesterday but had to call it off. I have this upcoming weekend off for a change, maybe we could get something going then?

What I've been hoping - if I can get a response from enough people - is to put together a real meeting sometime in November. This would be just a social thing for now, maybe at a restaurant or a park, where we could get to know each other a little. There's a fellow up in Fallbrook that'd probably show up. There was a gal in Vista who dropped by the store one day but disappeared abruptly, so I dunno what's up with her. But with even 4-6 people I think we could cover a range of abilities and resources...or maybe just have a good time.
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