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Default Re: Whole New Kind of Weapons

I think that we (human) are capable of make weapons that reach or pass our imagination. Weare very very creative and inteligent race..

THERE is borrowed high-technology "OF COURSE".. But that technology is not for plain view, sight or use.. That borrowed tech, goes to the black programs, like the black space program, to the nuclear department, like the neutron bomb, with much more yield and radiation and less destruction, heck, the radiation past in one week or less... ( Its said that 48 hours later is safe)

That kind of tech is the suspicius one, biological tech is beyond imagination and is also Borrowed.. Even that US is working on that since i have memory. (BTW, US can develop, experiment, storage and use it, agains the Ginebra convention ok)

This "NEW" weapondry is just residual o by-products of the real one..
For example this microwave PAIN RAY, is a perfect example of by-product of the microwave technology invented by the Nazi's (Of course Borrowed) That have a REAL field in the military.

The "EMP" or "Electro-Magnetic Pulse" like the one that produce a nuclear blast is NOW operating in Satellites around the world, ready to SHUT down al electronic w/o any nuclear explosion!! Even the B-2 stealh is armed with "EMP" bombs, that disable all electronis ****f and leave intact the infraestructure.. (Borrowed Tech)

You get my draft now.. well remember the MK-ultra, mind control a few decades back.. You probably have one TETRA antenna near your house, (Hope not) emiting hihg power "LF" low frecuencies and "ELF" (Extreme Low Frecuencies) wich is derivated from the "NASA" friends to the ARMY for communication all around the world with the nuclear submarines. And is use to keep people under any state of emotio (stress, panic, pain, headache, illnes, etc)

I hope that all borrowed and man made tech for destruction, turns against the PTB and finally wipe out the bad guys and will be usefull to peace, clean the earth, heal and prosper.

PS: (remember the oath that say that an American should defend their country against foreigner and DOMESTIC enemies)
And i'm not fron North America my friend but lived a couple of years there..
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