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Default Re: The Global Crisis and the ultimate secret of the Empire

Wow! What a condensed and intense collection of information that was! This sort of thing should be a priority for researchers. I suspect that people(or aliens?) who monitor this site would prefer that these issues not be closely examined. Hi guys! I keep thinking that humans are not in ultimate control of Earth...and that the alleged non-human powers that be...are not receptive to human freedom and independence. The question of who really owns and controls Earth are a couple of the most important questions we can ask...other than questions regarding spirituality and the survival of the human spirit following physical death.

I keep feeling like a lab-rat, and an insignificant part of a database in a Cray(Gray?) Supercomputer. I watched some politicians being interviewed yesterday...and they seemed to speak of the general public as being vastly inferior to themselves. A reptilian theocracy would undoubtedly involve a small ruling class(mostly reptilian)...with the rest of the human race as slaves. I don't know if there is substance to this...but certainly now is the time to look very closely at these issues...while we still have a chance.

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