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Default I know this is probably insignificant right now,

but I've just set up a youth council in my village. A few of our main goals are to get an allotment up and running and to get the comunity working together.

Using the produce from local farmers and from the allotment we aim to set up a market in the village hall, to pump the money back into the community instead of vast supermarket chains.

Hopefully there will be a massive input from the primary school- Helping to maintain the allotment but at the same time learning about our environment in which we live and other key skills that may become valuable in the future.

Apparently there are massive government funds for youth councils- + bonuses if you plan on working alongside the environment. So I'm pretty happy

I just thought I'd post this as everything I hear lately is doom and gloom and is damn right depressing! Oo and i'll update this every month or so- to show if we have made any progress etc.

So yeah, Peace out!
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