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Default Re: Poor Gary Mckinnon

Originally Posted by murnut View Post
Haha,,,surely The Ghost has never misrepresented the facts.

The damage took place in America

Not really...hacking for what ever reason is wrong.

When the ufo community justifies these illegal actions, it is no different than any group justifying it's illegal actions.

Now who is evoking some righteous indignation?????
"Now who is evoking some righteous indignation?????"
I'm talking about legal consequences for criminal activities. We do not have the death penalty in Britain (except for treason - so the people who supported the Extradition Act 2003 are skating on pretty thin ice). The point being that when it is threatened our normal legal procedure is to not allow the extradition to go ahead. Normal legal procedures have long since been thrown out the window in Gary McKinnon's case, though.

"The damage took place in America"
This is irrelevant. The alleged crime took place in another country.

"hacking for what ever reason is wrong"
There you go again with your childish, naive argument that legal things are good and moral and illegal things are bad and immoral.
The examples historycircus cited are substantially different to what Gary did.

"it is no different than any group justifying it's illegal actions"
Do you think Nelson Mandela should still be in prison for terrorism? I could go on with other examples but I would like an answer to this particular one.

Do you think the actions of the Nazis or Communists were okay because they were legal?

If the US government made it illegal to even ask questions about UFOs/ETs would you stop asking because your government 'knows best'?

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