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Default Re: Poor Gary Mckinnon

Originally Posted by TheGhost View Post
I will watch all the video's..(already seen the masked guy) just as soon as you read all of my 5800 posts at OMF...fair enough?

What on earth are you on, dude? Why would anyone want to be educated in all things murnut?? Educating yourself in the machinations of the legal system that you are under would be pretty valuable. Educating myself in all things murnut would not serve any useful purpose.

What do you have against learning about the legal system? Why do you refuse to take it upon yourself to learn how to deflect and defeat their fraudulent activity? It is for your own education and enlightenment.
What education or enlightenment would I gain in reading all 5800 of your posts? Do you consider yourself that important?
You made personal statements about me based no knowledge.

This is for your education and enlightenment, murnut. What are you afraid of, your current world view collapsing (where everything legal is moral and good and everything illegal is immoral and bad, lol, and the govenment is good and just wants what's best for you)?
On face value, which is the same that you judge me on, your video's propose the net effect of anarchy.

Try following the advice of those videos, and see how far that "enlightenment" takes you.
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