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Default Re: Poor Gary Mckinnon

Originally Posted by murnut View Post
The deception in legal systems is what exactly?
The deception is vast! 'Capitis Diminutio Maxima' is something everyone should know about.
Take a look at this site:

Watch the free movies. Be prepared to spend some hours watching these and taking it all in.
The guy is based in Canada but there are British, American and other sections. Most of the laws of our countries are fairly similar, just tweaked slightly in each, but based on the same principles - so they can all be fought in similar ways.

You could also look at:

This is a very good book:

Maybe you could find some template letters for dealing with the next speeding ticket you get, so you don't have to pay it!

Similar principles for dealing with credit cards can be used in dealing with mortgages - but this is much more risky simply because it is a lot of debt that the banks really want you to be lumbered with - they would probably use every dirty, legal or otherwise, tactic against you if you were to fight them regarding your mortgage.

Like I said previously, the legal system is all about commerce, so the scam that is the monetary system is tied in very closely. The money that is 'lent' to you for credit cards or mortgages doesn't actually exist (it is numbers on a screen taken from one column and put into another - literally only that) and yet you have to pay it back with interest or with your house (real wealth) if you don't keep up with repayments.

You might want to look up 'indentured servitude'.

Anyway, this is all off topic.
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