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Default "Key to Gravity" explained

Hi all, this is my first posting!

I had this important new video passed to me last night regarding Electrogravitics and the possible key to the unlocking of the secrets of gravity which, rightly or wrongly, I thought should be brought to the attention of a wider audience.

In my opinion, it is way beyond me mathematically, but conceptually, I understand the physics. I must also point out that this discovery possibly provides a clue to taking us from type 0 to a type 1 society.

It is however a raw motor and as yet the theory provides no control of direction or of a time varying effect. One must also consider when building a craft that an important element is the control of the propulsion by the pilot and so too, the protection of the occupants from the stray effects of electromagnetism, which at high field strengths will rip apart your DNA. Yes, nearly all, if not all matter including DNA is made up from Bi-Polar elements and will be affected by electromagnetism.

Judge for yourself:

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