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Default Re: Building underground safe rooms

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
The elites could be the first to go in a total enslavement of Earth. They know too much...and their services would no longer be required at that point.
Very wise observation! They are just tools, dispensable tools!

For Highwhistler, be advised that in case of Corona Mass Ejection, the EMP pulse will not affect humans (unless you have a Peacemaker inside). For that, is enough the shelter you have be caged with chicken-wire connected to earth, then came over an isolator layer (waterglass or something electric and thermic isolator ) then follows another cage made of aluminum foil (second barrier for RF wave and EMP pulse) and they say safe also for scalar waves

So you work on thickness of upper cap layer for absorption, very important for accelerated flux of protons, neutrons and other particles coming from cosmos, while for Faraday caging, for nullifying the electromagnetic radiation.

For the radiation, you must be concerned for gamma spectrum, most dangerous, which is same rule as for the nuclear fallout radiation (you can find those thickness of layer per different materials . Look here:

at the PAGE 14, there is a discussion about materials thickness and gamma levels.

Thus we address the concerns for the Gamma nuclear radiation and EMP electromagnetic pulse. For the Beta (electron or pozitron will be absorbed by aluminium foil) and alfa radiatiation will be very reduced even by atmospheric air, then by by the thickness of shelter material and will not be concerned at all.

This is the reason I indicated to dig into stone and then increase the thickness with the reinforced concrete over it. Then inside you will wallpaper in one layer of insulation (fiber glass) then chicken-wire, connected to a good grounding, then another 1 inch or more fiberglas, then a layer of aluminium foil (for beta and psi waves), on all the contour of the room and also grounded. Also the access door should be metallic and grounded with flexible cables (meshed silvered cables) So you will have two Faraday cages one inside other, each is efficient for different wavelength, different charged particles.

And not all the shelter must be constructed such, just one room, the most deep in the ground or the hill rock and you can refuge there in case of need. Just to have inside bunker room enough food water and toiletry for few days at least as the EMP flare pass.

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