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Default Re: Building underground safe rooms

If the excrement really hits the air-conditioning system...there may be no place to hide. If one survived the initial solar mass ejections, monster tidal-waves, 500 kph winds, nukes, neutron-bombs, pole-shift, tectonic-plate shifts, chemical and biological warfare, 'alien invasion', 'second coming of Christ', total anarchy, etc, etc...death might seem sweet compared to being enslaved in a Post Armageddon New World Order Demonic Theocracy. I realize this is probably a worst-case scenario...but it is a possibility which should not be ignored.

I'm not saying that people should not look for safe-places and not build shallow underground civilian bases (SUCB)...but no one should be too smug and self-satisfied. Even the elites might not be safe in the DUMB's. The elites could be the first to go in a total enslavement of Earth. They know too much...and their services would no longer be required at that point.

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