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Default Re: Building underground safe rooms

If you haven't heard of him, there is a guy you might want to look up/into by the name of Michael Reynolds. He is an architech of some 40 years experience, who has spent his life developing one of the most self-sustainable systems I've seen.

Yes, a "dreamer" but with his feet on the ground, and all of his stuff is real world tested. There is a website at: . And there is an Image gallery here. There is an interesting video about, concerning his work, and you can see much of it on YouTube. Simply Google the title: Garbage Warrior.

There are even "Demonstration houses" which you can rent for a nite, or several, and there is even one in Phoenix. He is based out of Taos, NM.

What made me think of him is that one of his primary construction styles, has to do with building up against, and into hillsides, including homes partially underground. All of his plans have the ability to include:
  • Completely independent water systems, both potable and sewage
  • Heating and cooling systems,
  • Indoor/outdoor gardens
  • List is endless
I'll quit because I'm starting to sound like a commercial, and I don't get a dime for it, either; but I did notice, on his site, that he does consult. And with that...

Some pics to dress up the post:

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