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Smile Message of Love in the sky above Montreal Canada

As we are now into the 6th nigh of the Galactic cycle I know based on history that what lies ahead will be ugly,
however in this time of gathering dark there are occasional glimpses of the light and they should be recognized and embraced.

Today I was having a rough morning, a little stressed, running around and just plain blah.
I was driving around and in the clear blue sky right ahead of me was a cloud perfectly shaped like a heart.
I have always watched the skies, since i was a toddler I am told so noticing oddities from above
comes very quick. Kinda like always knowing where the moon is.

I looked at this heart and saw that it was still forming, I laughed when I considered posting this
here as "Loving Chem Trails?" at the time.

I continued watching the plane finish the heart and fly a little southward to start again,
this time the plane formed the number 25.

At this point i was grateful for the camera i always keep with me lol.

The meaning behind it?
A local college girl who wears #25 for the school hockey team is in hospital and very ill. The message was one directed at the whole city to increase awareness of her plight and generate prayers and hope with this message of love

Ive been thinking about her all day and feeling very positive and happy inside since this morning. I will post updates as i come across them.
"For those with their eyes shut, no explanation will suffice.
For those with their eyes open, no explanation is necessary."

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