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Default Re: Ask an Astrobiologist FAQ

Originally Posted by Dantheman62 View Post
The town just north of Holloman is Alamogordo, which means "fat cottonwood."

Trinity is approx. 60 miles from Alamogordo and is the site of the first Atomic Bomb test in 1945. The property is owned by the White Sands Missile Range.
The point that I was trying to make is Our Corporations brought Nazi to this
country [USA] agreed to pay them to continue to work HIDDEN in the NM
reflective White Sands desert on a BOMB... And, also worked on the Disc
craft [at the same time] crashed them on short flights. People saw the symbols on the German craft on the 4th,5th,6th July 1947....

Very knowledgable Dan the Man... Sooo, since White Sands is REALLY a powder it would absorb radiation... Right.!! So they wouldn't have to have prisoners scrub it down with Lye and water like they did after the NAZI Bell was cranked up...

Alamogordo translation = The Fat Alamo Tree.... or " THE BIG UGLY ONE "

So, the Germans had to leave foot prints.... I know they lived in Las Crus,NM
[America's New Space Port] Some also lived in Alamogordo, NM...

Dr. John Lerma, helped some of the Nazi beings from those days pass....

I'm sorry I couldn't answer sooner, I had visitors... They brought over the
movie " The Celestine Insights." They asked if I would watch it with them.
How could I refuse.....!!!

If I missed something let me know... Sorry abt the delay.


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