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Default Re: Alien Song Resomates

Originally Posted by MANCHILD View Post

Thank you for that story,I never would have thought of you as a biker
But your right.It dosnt matter how much money you have
What matters is how you use it,

I am sure you can afford to smoke,I pay 10 dollars a pack here in Chicago

I also have lived a life of profound meaning And Never gave it any thought

Back in the late 70s I was asked by Jimmy Page And Robert Plant of Led Zepplin If I wanted to go to the Munnic Octoberfest With them,

We were at a bar in Augsburg Germany called the Bannaza Bar

At the age of 17 I had a death wish and I was not afraid on anything

When we partyed that night we all inter locking arms and drinking
And they left me there all alone,So i got up went to the next tent

And at these picnic tables I look across from me and looked into the
eyes of a beautiful Ferrline,I automaticly grabed her hand and pulled
her up on top of the table and the whole place went off like a light
switch had been pulled,

A hour later Jimmy and robert found me ,And said I knew it was you
That got this place rolling, And they said Thats how we knew where to
find you,

The story goes on from here,But to save time, I want to let you know
that life is funny and we only get what we put into it,

I am a very Spiritual person With the power of the spirit we can do awesome
things,I would like to make this world a better place for everyone.
Thats why I pray always for Joy and Happiness and Love to be the answer
If that were true We would only say I love you.And then we would feel it

Some times I feel the wrong Viibes ,Love is the answer and it comes from
the heart.I wish you well SteveX And I hope you find your way home

Thanks Much !!! Hugs and Love to All ....
The Beauty and the Divine... waiting for the adornment of one who understands. Dreaming of one who will respond to the signs laid before them, wishing all those before the one had noticed. Hoping for that day soon to come the one who will take her by the hand and bring her to the moment in the spotlight for all to see. For every day only the beauty is adored without the essence of feminine partaked in is another day of lost paradise; an unfertilized dreamland still waiting.

Mother Earth; the Beauty and Divine; the hidden simmering power of creation waiting for the one... anyone, to understand her, to capture her, to activate her essence.

When will one... anyone, take her by the hand and give her the attention that gets the party started!!!

And is why a Desert Rose!

Cool story Don Juan MANCHILD.
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