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Default Re: Hollie Greig paedophile scandal

Reporter Arrested

UPDATE: Robert Green has now been released on bail and did not make a plea in court.

A campaigner working to expose a sexual abuse ring in Aberdeen has been detained by Grampian police for “Breach of the Peace” when he was tailed to a B&B. He was about to hand out a series of leaflets in the town centre.

The man being held is Robert Green, a political hopeful and activist for the Hollie Greig case, a heart-wrenching story that is gagged by the mainstream press, but fully exposed in a series of articles by the UK Column newspaper.

Hollie Greig is a Down’s Syndrome lady that was continually raped by her father and a string of other men since she was a child. Her uncle was murdered by the perpetrators in a grand attempt to cover up the sickening crimes.

Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence and an expert assessment that states Hollie is fit enough to give evidence, the case has been blocked and mishandled at every level, including a direct cover-up by the establishment.

Brian Gerrish shed some more light on the Green situation on the 12th:
I have tried twice to speak to a police officer and also been refused by the call centre civilian. Of most concern is the fact that Anne Greig [Hollie's mother] received a visit earlier tonight from Shrewsbury police to give her a message from Inspector Dowell Grampian police……’Robert Green has been arrested by Grampian police’. Anne found this message very intimidating since Dowell has been involved in the (non) investigation of the Hollie case. Was he gloating? The public might also like to know that Grampian Chief Constable Colin McKerracher is Chair of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee
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