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Default Re: BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

Originally Posted by milk and honey View Post
Firstly, unlike Clark Kent, i don't believe that preparing to survive an obvious problem is going to cause the problem. The causes have been a long time in the making and they are not based simply on our own subjective mindset in the present. They are based on concrete actions of the power elite over time and our own inaction to percieve and prevent them. And it will take a lot more to prevent them than an immediate change of mentality and intent on our part.
just to be clear, obviously many things are set in motion regarding the "PTB" and what they want to achieve, im not stating that by discussing it were making it happen. im more concerned with globally believing an extiction level event is and absolute, when clearly from every scientist in the black ops departments that kerry and bill have interviewed stated its all probability, not a given.

bill clarified that he's all for the groundcrew to prepare for the immediate threat from the government and not necessarily planetary "end times" 98% humans dead unless they move to the himalayas.
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