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Default Re: BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

Originally Posted by quest View Post
hi 2infinityandbeyond,

the slave who thinks he's free is the best slave i did read somewhere.

by 'serving' i meant, by focussing on stuff that could happen (conspiracies), with all the best intentions, the energy that is generated is in favour of seen and unseen powers. is that done on purpose, i don't think so, does it happen, i do thinks so.
personally, i would prefer not to feed these entities. i myself probably still doing so as well thou.
Good quote "The best slave, is the one who thinks he's free"

Ahh, i misunderstood what you said. Sorry about that.

People are gonna naturally freak out for a while when they get into this stuff, i fully believe there are negative entites who will gladly snap this up for dinner. Best a person can hope for is to be right with their higher self and keep a positive mindset. Thats easier said then done, but hey its not the end of the world.
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