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Default Re: BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

micheal st clair wrote this

"What she describes, and it shows in her eyes in the interview, is a "program" (perhaps a holographic projection) because it is known that the Greys can pose as another race.

She was quite evidently abducted by the Greys, and what she describes is a very uncomfortable encounter with the Greys. They deceive people. We know in our DNA not to trust the Greys no matter how they appear in form.

I did not want to say the obvious at first, and I am glad clakkent found the passages in her work to draw your attention to what many others have noticed immediately when watching the interview.

Again, I would like to suggest that those interested in all this read the book "Operation Trojan Horse" by John A. Keel who explains the entire phenomenon in a very level-headed manner.

The real "Nordics" do not abduct people against their wish on to crafts or stuff like that, this is not how they work, and the contact level is completely different and via telepathy. They can also (rarely) appear among people and pass in broad daylight for earth humans.

Usually the "contact" in form of guidance is from their crafts to some of us via an inner seeing. At least that is my experience. With the 3rd eye you can see (sense) the presence of their crafts.

I hope this helps see clearer in the confusion."


her testimony not jelling with half the community isnt so crazy i think.
st clair is supporting the Nordic=good idea, and thats fine, personally im not sold. but if they were "good" then clearly "bad" ET's would be able to use their image as st clair suggests.

thank you bill for addressing some of my other questions too! i hope your not annoyed by my posts -as i disagree with witnesses or you guys sometimes. im hoping my threads arent disruptive to what your goal for avalon is, as NONE of us knows all the answers i dont think its a bad thing to question.

as far as the timeline thing, for sure (as were seeing) some serious stuff is going down for our species, im just glad you and kerry arent resigned to the "ELE" being imminent, i wasnt sure where you guys were at regarding that, even after reading your "state of things" at camelot.

so again thanks for the clarification, and lets all keep level heads in these wacky times!

as far as the future
heres a good video on consciouss co creation

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